Combined version of a 2015 video series telling the story of the origins of The Chapel and what is to come. Individual segments were used as intro videos over the course of the five week series. A brief animation sequence (9:44 mark) was used at the conclusion of each segment.
Wildwood Playground Build
Highlight video from the 2014 Wildwood Elementary playground build. The playground was designed by LSU landscape architecture students, funded by donations of Chapel members, and constructed by over 200 volunteers.
Mike's Nationals Video (2012)
Mascots have national championships each year. Their entry video serves as half of their score. Based on the initial ranking from their video score, the top ten teams are then invited to compete at Nationals in Disney World for the other half of their score. My job for three years was to follow Mike around and film him to have coverage in all required video categories. Some of the footage is not mine as I wasn't able to be everywhere. Flip cameras (remember those?) and cellphones were used in my absence. In 2012 the video got Mike his highest ranking, third place. 2011 ( and 2013 ( both ranked fifth place.
"One of These Things First"
This was my first attempt at stop-motion video. Senior Studio project for my Digital Art concentration at LSU.
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